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Interview with Shota - UI/UX Designer

By Eifion Kaine

21 Apr 2022

Hi, who are you?

Hi, I’m Shota a UI/UX Designer 

Nice, a few words about your background?

My background is totally different from what I’m doing now. I worked 8 years in various hospitals, in intensive care units, but I decided to change my life and started learning graphic design, worked as a freelance designer, then I took UI/UX courses to reach my goal to become UI/UX designer.

Wow! Big change - why UX?

We are all users and have our experience using any kind of product. I always wanted to solve problems I was faced with using digital or physical products, that was the main reason I moved to UX, to find problems and solve them and simplify users' lives. 

What brought you to Sweeft Digital?

After I finished my courses, I started searching for UI/UX designers jobs and at that moment Sweeft appeared. They needed an intern in the design team, I sent my portfolio, did test work and finally I was called for an interview, after that I started my internship in Sweeft.

So you’ve finished your internship now, what was the first few months like?

First few months were very interesting, helpful. I grew up fast with the help of a mentor. I was involved in real projects that gave me experience in working with clients, developer team, and analytics team, that was the best way to get acquainted with the workflow of real projects.

What are you working on right now?

Now I’m working on a digital wallet application.The process of working on this project is a bit different and new for me. I'm working on outstaffing and it's a new experience working with a new team, with a different working style, but it’s also very interesting and useful for my development. 

What’s on your reading list, any hot recommendations?

In my reading list next is Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think”, advised by my mentor.

Thank you.