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Through acceleration to progress

Apply to our acceleration program. Achieve your career goals.

Benefits of the program

1 on 1 Mentorship
You’ll have your own senior mentor, to answer those 200 questions you have.
Real Live Projects
The best way to learn is practice, our interns work on real projects.
Learning Support
We’ll tell you what you need to study so you won’t lose time on tutorials.
Get Paid
All of our positions are paid from the first day you join us.
After completing your acceleration program you’ll be promoted to junior, and beyond.
Get acquainted with top notch professionals and make life long partners.

Problem Solving

In order to assess basic technical knowledge and problem solving skills of the candidate, applicants will receive an exam. Here we are looking for the candidate’s motivation and ability to deal with moderate tasks. The exam should take 30-60 minutes.

30% of candidates pass this stage


Technical Exam

Successful candidates will be offered an opportunity to sit a technical exam online with a predefined exam software tool. The goal of the exam is to assess the technical skills and knowledge of the candidate in their domain. The exam takes 2-3 hours.

14% of candidates will pass this stage.



Last step of the screening process is a live interview with the candidate; here the board of HR, CTO and mentors will evaluate personality and depth of technical knowledge of the candidate. The interview lasts for 30-60 minutes.

only 5% of applicants will pass this stage.



At that stage you have joined an excellent team of professionals and we expect you to benefit from it. We will continue to provide intensive training, real project experiences, mock interviews and quarterly tests - while being remunerated to learn and extend the career goals.

The acceleration program continues for a maximum of 6 months and 90% of candidates are successful in attaining a job offer.

Your career awaits