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How Staff Augmentation can benefit your business

By Gigi Giorgadze

17 Jan 2023

More companies face modern challenges in the quickly changing and fast-moving world, especially in the IT sector, where even simple technical advancements sometimes require costly adaptations. Every challenge is unique to a company depending on its size and management style. However, common issues across company sizes and styles include talent shortages, security, time, and management issues.

To address these challenges, organizations with technical needs often use outsourcing methods to fill the talent pool and make project management more efficient. There is a list of reasons companies might choose to augment their team. Let’s dive in to learn a bit more about the concept of staff augmentation. 

What is staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation, or team augmentation, is the process of adding outside personnel to an existing in-house core staff to augment the organization’s capacity. Simply put, it is an outsourcing strategy that allows companies to ease the project workload by adding members from outside organizations. Businesses often choose this method to add skilled staff members to their teams, bypassing the lengthy and costly hiring process. Additionally, companies use augmented staff to maintain control and visibility or to cut costs in terms of time and money. As a result, the staff augmentation method is prevalent among companies with project-based needs. 

Companies must also decide how they will augment their staff. Options vary depending on the organization’s size, needs, management approaches, etc. Before selecting a particular augmentation style, companies should answer the key question: does the company need short-term or long-term assistance with an ongoing project? Staff augmentation proves to be an efficient solution in both ways, whether a company needs temporary assistance to get a project back on track or needs a dedicated long-term team to work on several projects. When a company has answered this question, the mission of looking for a perfect company for staff augmentation gets clearer. 

After answering this question, a company can look at the staff augmentation types and choose the one that best suits its needs. 

  • Core augmentation – It is a good solution for long-term partnerships. Your in-house staff members can work on joint projects with outside organizations. The length of this type of augmentation is defined by both parties and the factors that affect the working process.
  • Functional augmentation – This represents a good solution when assistance for a temporary project is needed. If your company needs skillful personnel to improve the quality of the work, you can augment the staff without extra time costs. 
  • Temporary staff augmentation – This solution is a short-term agreement between organizations and often includes assistance from outside companies for improving the quality of work in multiple projects. While functional augmentation is more continuous in time, this last method is designated for one-time projects. 

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

We’ve already discussed why some companies might prefer augmenting their staff, but the benefits of this approach go far beyond those. Staff augmentation helps companies to reduce recruitment efforts and the time and money spent and to gain access to highly specialized teams.

In short, staff augmentation can be effective at:

  • Reducing costs – The costs can be divided into two key categories – money and time. The recruitment process for a company can cause increased spending on both. Staff augmentation is a shortcut to this process. It allows companies to add skilled members to the staff without unnecessary costs. 
  • Increasing flexibility – The manageable size of the augmented team makes it easier to fit the team to the needs of the business.  
  • Tracking progress – When it is easy to manage a team, it is easier to make progress visible. The team can keep interested parties up to date with progress. Therefore, they can quickly address any dissatisfactions that may arise during the working process. 
  • Improving control – On the one hand, the progress is visible to stakeholders, and on the other, the company itself has better control of the team as it can track costs and identify the necessary resources. Improvements in control lead to higher work quality and faster completion of projects. 
  • Improving the quality of work – Staff augmentation companies choose people with relevant and highly-tailored skills and knowledge. Consequently, product teams become increasingly specialized and the quality of work improves.


What are the differences between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

You might still be wondering how staff augmentation differs from outsourcing. Outsourcing means that a partner company will recruit, train and manage a team of skilled professionals. This team will handle specific tasks in the future. The team is external to the company and isn’t directly involved in internal affairs. The client retains little or no control at all over the workflow. 

With augmentation, the client remains in control over the main aspects of the project. While staying in control, the company purchases engineering resources and assembles a team that will work with the core group. The specialized staff is chosen according to project-specific requirements. 

See how Making Science Sweeft can help you

Choosing the right partner when it comes to staff augmentation is critical. First, you need to consider whether staff augmentation is a good solution for your company. We’ve discussed the types and possible benefits of the method. If most of the things on the list fit your company then you are in the right place. 

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