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QA Automation Intern

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  • Tbilisi

Role Summary


Sweeft - a Making Science Company, is currently looking for a QA developer intern for an acceleration program. 


What will you learn?


  • Theoretical knowledge in QM, QA, QC, testing and test automation in accordance with the syllabus and additional materials;
  • Practical experience working on live projects;
  • Training in Soft and hard skills;
  • Additional knowledge and experience with over 20 stacks offered at Sweeft;
  • Experience working in multicultural teams with top developer


The position is full time, 40 hours per week, accommodating studies of the intern if relevant. The program runs for six months and successful completion results in a Job Offer from Sweeft f- a Making Science Company. 



Preferred skills & experience

The internship candidate should have a basic understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). Also, he/she should know the foundations of software testing, and the basics of Object-Oriented Programming and JavaScript.

  • What is testing,
  • Why is testing necessary,
  • Basic understanding of testing principles,
  • Reason for writing test cases and their role in the QC process,
  • Basics of programming, OOP:
  • JavaScript is mandatory.
  • Python, Java, C# - any programming language is a plus.
  • Good Knowledge of the English Language

The requirements discussed above are preferred skills and experiences; at Sweeft we understand that strong teams include people from diverse backgrounds, identities and experiences therefore anyone with alternative experience is also welcome to apply.


Acceleration Program Description:

The program encompasses an intensive learning component with individual stack specified mentors as well as a large pool of trainers to support hard and soft skills development. We will support you to become superstar developers and encourage your growth within the company after completing the program.  



What we can offer you


  • 1-1 mentoring with top notch developer at Sweeft
  • Career coaching through and after the acceleration program
  • Opportunities for networking with local and international gurus
  • Chance to work on interesting projects from Georgia, Spain, Britain and Italy
  • High energy and fun work environment onsite and remotely
  • Permanent job offer as a Junior Developer after successful completion of the acceleration program

  • Remuneration: 500 Gel and rising in accordance with the qualifications
  • Start date: September 1st, 2022


How to apply & next steps


We are looking to fill this position immediately, and we have limited capacity. Please check the Acceleration Program Selection Process section for more information.

Or send us a resume at the following address: Interns@sweeftdigital.com and in the subject field, indicate the desired position and "Intern"

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